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What is E-Filing

The informant can file information either through the eFiling portal or through physical filing under the provisions of the Competition Commission of India (General Regulation) 2009 relating to anti competition practices and abuse of dominance.

Notice in Form I can also be filed under the provisions of Competition Commission of India (Procedure in regard to the Transaction in Business relating to Combination) Regulations 2011.

The person filing the information/notice needs to have a digital signature and needs to login using a login ID and a password and fill in the necessary details as are required for manual filing. For further detail on efiling please refer the FAQ on efiling.

In case the information/notice is being filed by the advocate the name and address of the advocate also needs to be entered besides the name and address of informant/notice giver.

The documents intended to be a part of the filing under the CCI(General Regulation) 2009 need to be uploaded in case of information provided under Section 19(1)(a) or  19(1)(b) the documents must provide information relating to the following aspects

  • A statement of facts;
  • Details of the alleged contraventions of the Act together with a list enlisting all documents, affidavits and evidence, as the case may be, in support of each of the alleged contraventions;
  • A succinct narrative in support of the alleged contraventions;
  • Relief sought, if any.

In case the information is filed by advocate his/her Power of Attorney needs to be uploaded.

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